What is difference between an approach and a Theory?

Difference Between Approach and Theory

An approach is distinguishable from a theory. An approach is closely related to a theory in view of the fact that it’s a very character determines the way of generalization, explanation and prediction. These two concepts relate to scientific research and understanding, though in different ways. It can refer to both the method of interpretation used as well as the actual type of research conducted.


What is Approach?

Approach is a way of looking at and then explaining a particular phenomenon. The perspective may be broad enough to cover a vast area like World as a whole or it may be very small embracing an aspect of local, regional, national or international politics. Besides, it may cover with in its fold every other thing related to the collection and selection of evidence followed by an investigation and analysis of a particular hypothesis for an academic purpose;

  • An approach is a way of dealing with a situation or a problem or a framework and context with which somebody conducts research.

  • An approach consists of a criterion of selection criteria employed in selecting the problems or questions to consider and in selecting the data to bring to bear.

  • It consists of standards governing the inclusion and exclusion of questions and data.


What is Theory?

A theory is an explanation for how facts relate to one another, while an approach is a methodology for obtaining those facts in the first place. We can say that;

  • Theory is an analytic tool for understanding, explaining and making prediction.

  • A theory is a framework for understanding relationships between observable facts.

  • Explain observations. Hypotheses become theories when enough data is gathered to support the hypothesis.

  • Theories are changeable and can be strengthened or weakened based on new information that is observed.

  • It’s important to note that the facts themselves won’t change, but rather the explanation of the facts


An approach is transformed into a theory if and when its function extends beyond the selection of problems and data about the subject under study.

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